Sunday, June 14, 2009

On a Rainy Day

The weather here has been really wet, so we have to look for activities inside. I've read quite a few books I've enjoyed, two by favorite Scandinavian author Henning Mankell, also Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher novel. (The titles are impossible to remember.) Now I'm reading "Fifty Grand", by Adrian McKinty. The librarian recommended it, and it's exciting, set in a fictional Telluride. Also read "Beggars of Life" an autobiography of a hobo named Jim Tully, which sounds better than it was. For a while in the early 20th century he was very highly regarded as a writer.

I also play Pet Society on Facebook. Here's a race with three friends. I thought Skeezix would win, but Albie (my friend Jane aka prb won) Go Albie! Namowal also ran. Funny to see other Pet Society friends in the stands! But since I don't have many friends, they start repeating in bleacher groups. I'm not sure it's possible to win anything in the arena.


stray said...

wait, am i up there in the stands? am i purple?

stray said...

love the photo of Molly.

Namowal said...

It IS a nice picture of Molly,
Your blue friend in the stands has a nice choice of hat gear.
I think it's cute how the game puts your pet pals in the stands to watch the race.

prb said...

Those books sound good. Re the race: today I bet on toxic dump and won 50 points! Yippee!

Linda said...

Molly is such a beautiful beast.

That's me in the stands! I look a little dazed, probably because I haven't had a bath or any food for so long. Did you take my octopus hat back? It disappeared. Did I sell it in order to buy new wallpaper? No, I wouldn't have done that.

Sally said...

yes, stray, you're there. Some of the friends are critters I've never met, and wish you could stop race and click on them. Don't know what happened to the hat, Linda. Jane, the Mankell books are the best.