Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why you hire a professional

We're planning an overnight trip to Leadville, Colorado, the town at the highest elevation in the US (over 10,000 feet) and a town with a big mining history in the 19th century. Baby Doe? We're going Thursday.

We almost made the mistake of going a day earlier, when 2000 cyclists will be on the road on a mad journey around the Rockies with one night in Leadville. Can you imagine having to pass 2000 cyclists on a two lane highway?

The places where we can stay are limited because Molly's coming along, but I'm sure you'll agree the web site designer at the Alps motel could have found a more appealing picture than the one above.

Even better, though, is the copy on the pet policy page:

All pets must be registered. Guest concealing and not paying for their pets will be charged $ 200.00 Your pet may not use the parking lot as a toilet. We don't allow any of our guests to do that.

Well I'm glad to know there will be quality guests at the establishment that don't use the parking lot as a toilet!


stray said...

like the date stamp on the pic, too.

Linda said...

Say I came to meet you for dinner at the Alps Motel, but didn't check in. Would I be allowed to use the parking lot as a toilet?

RHSteeleOH said...

That is too funny.

Mean Jean said...

I think they are reassuring you that you don't have to bathe in the parking lot.

Is the old Silver Dollar Saloon still there? We were there in 97 or 98 and it was run by a grouchy old woman who yelled at customers, but took a liking to us. Local color.

Anonymous said...

Mean Jean: She died last year. It's now run by her son, just as grouchy.

Namowal said...

If a partial shot of the tub is the best they could do, it makes me wonder what the rest of the place looks like. Was this the only part of the room that wasn't cracked or stained?
Maybe the owners sank a lot of money in getting the tubs refinished and told the web designers "Be sure to include the tub!"

Sally said...

Hmm, I'll have to get back to you Linda.

Too funny about the Silver Dollar Saloon, Mean Jean and Terry! Gotta spot that one on the map and make some trouble.

Namowal, I just used a url of the bathtub and blogger cropped it. You got to see more of the tile and the faucet. The shot of the bedroom made it clear it was one of those places where you could only get in bed if the bathroom door was shut, it was so small.

But the place we've booked may be even worse. Instead of showing a picture of the place, they have an attractive shot of Leadville, and on the left, where the motel probably is, the picture turns into a complete motion blur!!