Monday, July 27, 2009

Ganapati Studios

credit Ganapati Studios

Along with an order for my dvd I received a nice note from Phil at Ganapati Studios. I took a look at their site and must order some of their cards. On real paper!

This is just an excerpt. They have other charming looking products too. Somebody at the studio is a postcard collector, I guarantee!


Namowal said...

I like it when artists combine work from different styles/eras to create something new and whimsical.
Did you see their Halloween cards? I think you'll like them.

Mars Tokyo said...

They are fabulous!! that link just set me back $40!

Linda said...

Easy to see why they ordered your DVD!

Sally said...

I know what you mean, Namowal. Done with such finesse and beautiful color sense. I ordered a number of them today, too Mars Tokyo. But it was so hard to choose.