Friday, July 10, 2009

Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

How many of these do you remember? We had a Grapho-Scope in the basement when I was little. It was really hard to make sense of.

Thanks Eric Knisley for link.


Linda Davick said...

I LOVED Design Art Markers (except for the smell). If you colored in something with a design art marker, then went over it again when it dried, you could get an almost solid area of color with no streaks.

And I also loved Color Aid paper.

Rubber cement was so horrible, yet fun in a weird way.

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

I still have a few of those thingys- mostly from art classes I took over a decade ago.
Rubber cement was like a trained elephant. Sure, it was strong and useful, but it smelled. Plus the dire warnings on the label made me convinced the can could explode at any time.

Sally said...

I loved those markers too, Linda. I remember convincing Gregg Snazelle to buy me an airbrush- what a mistake. I could never keep the metal cup stuck in the body of the "Brush" so it would spill its cupful on the picture. And the generator noise... Like you Linda I had a love/hate thing with rubber cement. Nasty smell, fun to play with, and worked so well.