Friday, July 31, 2009

Twit Draw Chain

No, that isn't a command. On twitter they have the same drawing program available, Graffiti, but they have an option to do a drawing chain, an idea which is sort of fun, or is it just annoying?

I started one and sent it on to Linda and her talented pal Lisa Horstman. Namowal, I couldn't find your twitter name. Anyone else who wants to join in on another one, or start one, great. I have been feeling utterly uninspired, a regular blank canvas, and something like this gives me a little push. My twitter name is funonmars. Lately I'm enjoying twitter more than facebook. It's not such a load of information and prying questions.

Dots, anyone?


Linda said...

That was so much fun today.
(And I love the dots.)

Namowal said...

My twitter name is OtherNamowal (believe it or not, some other Los Angeles gal beat me to the "Namowal" moniker!)