Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We drove out to Rico for another lunch at the Argentine Grille. It was still tasty, but the famous understudy of Wolfgang Puck had left the premises and last week's waiter was this week's chef. The waitress was mighty cute in her panty length denim shorts but it may have been her first day. "Would you like your bill now?" It was a s-l-o-w lunch.

When we got home we could see a wildfire starting that is much more dramatic now at sunset. It looks to be about 20 miles away. The weird thing is that all the Smoky the Bear fire danger signs we drove past have arrows pointing low. But if there were arson arrows they might be pointing off the chart.

There's a big out of business resort just about at the x,y position of this fire as I look at it from the porch. hmmm... what will the papers report?

No winds here, and the smoke is blowing north.


Linda Davick said...

When you go to a place like the Argentine Grille, do you take books to read while you wait?

Any news about the fire?

Sally said...

Linda, by morning there was no fire. Jon said Smokey had upped the arrow to moderate fire danger today, when he stopped by the post office. We'd hoped the Argentine Grille was going to let Molly eat with us, since they have a patio, but they said no. We didn't bring anything to read.