Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gateway, CO

Yesterday we went to Gateway, Colorado, a former Uranium mill town that's been bought up by Discovery Channel mogul John Hendricks . The town now has a hotel, a restaurant, and a vintage car museum. The highlight of the museum is the Oldsmobile F 88, which he bought for more than 3 million dollars! The architecture of the new town is incredibly boring though intended to be sensitive to the surroundings. It's corporation speak buildings.

I actually didn't like the Oldsmobile 88 as much as some of the older ones, but then I grew up with classic cars and have bias. I always enjoy vintage car museums. Some of those old dinosaurs seem like the apex of industrial design.

This is a spot called The Plume. You might be able to see a few cars down near the river that went over. It was a palm sweat-er to look over

We went with two friends who drove the windy red canyons with rock formations that are almost as stunning as Monument Valley. A car followed us with four more people they knew. They were from Richistan. We all went for a hike in the desert hills right at noon. (Talk about timing.)

One member of the group, a naughty former Eagle Scout, scrambled up the sandy hills and out of sight all alone. He was headed up this precipice. (Last one in picture above.)

We were told he had no fear of heights. We couldn't see him, we couldn't hear him, we didn't know what to do. This was some dangerous hiking. Also prime snake country. His wife was furious, and everyone else was worried. Of course we found him back at the car where he had that Cheshire cat look but said he was sorry.

Molly spent the day at a cage free kennel that didn't inspire much confidence on the outside. In fact something about it brought "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" to mind. But inside it turned out to be a nifty, if eccentric, day care playground. About 20 dogs played cage free, really experiencing that trailer life, and they could also go outside and play on gym equipment.

The picture doesn't do it justice! It looked much worse! Molly seemed pretty spaced out when she got home but she didn't ask for a beer and her coat was clean and shiny.

Dinah comes tomorrow for a few days. She hasn't been here since the day after I broke my ankle at Blaine Basin several years ago. If we'd thought of it sooner, we would have gotten outfits together to make it look like we'd become old bikers to surprise her at the airport.

I was going to do a Photoshop comp of it for your amusement but ran out of time.


RHSteeleOH said...

That is a really cool looking car, but 3 million dollars? Yeow! I've been an old Pontiac fan for many years, especially 60's models.

Does your dog drink beer?

Linda said...

Have a GREAT time with Dinah! Take lots of photos.

Sally said...

The dog doesn't drink beer yet, but a couple more stays at the trailer and who knows what she'll start doing. The car is considered the start of the modern era of car design. It had bubbles over the headlights.

Thanks, Linda.

Namowal said...

I'm glad that people have maintained (or restored) older cars so people can get a glimpse in the past.

**(A weird sci-fi scenario just dropped in my head. What if a used (but oddly new looking) car lot came to your neighborhood and you took cars for a test drive, only to find your neighborhood magically transformed to the era of each car when you were behind the wheel?)**

As Linda suggested, have fun when Dinah comes over!

prb said...

Loved this entry, especially the part about the trailer dog camp. I actually laughed out loud as I sat alone reading! And the idea of you and Jon in matching biker gear to greet Dinah--the best!

RHSteeleOH said...

I like that sci-fi idea Namowal. Time travel by car.

stray said...

scary kennel photo is funny. Old car design was so much more exciting than now!