Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grand Junction

I'm flying out of Grand Junction CO in the morning. The next day President Obama flies into the same airport, the first US President to visit Grand Junction since around 1908. He's conducting a town meeting. I'm in favor of health care reform. I know plenty of people who pay cash for medical appointments just to stay clear of pre existing conditions which cause insurance payments to boomerang. I know plenty of people who have no insurance at all.

I'm going to visit my mother who's now 94 1/2. She's been getting a bit agitated lately but is taken care of well.

I've been so uninspired creatively the last couple of months. It's never happened to me before. I am interested in the social games on Facebook: Lexulous, Pet Society, and Farmville. That's my farm above. They are masterpieces of Flash code to date, (and take way too long to load.)

But I think the latter two are waiting for a next stage development. They need interaction between characters, conflict, conversation which seems to be generated by the situation. It wouldn't be impossible. I've done so much experimenting with Flash code over the years, including setting up characters to say something depending on several variables.

Then it will really be a social game. As it is now in both of these games you're basically just acquiring and decorating and visiting your friends. There's no surprise in what the friends do when they encounter you.

Lexulous is just a well fashioned scrabble game and works pretty well.

This free content phenomenon is affecting artists of all kinds. The L.A. Times reports that even the porn industry is being taken down by it!

I'll be back Monday night and maybe will check in over the weekend. Enjoy the summer.


prb said...

Safe travels, Sally.

Namowal said...

Have a good trip!

Linda said...

You said a mouthful in this post. Tom and I pay an arm and a leg for health insurance.

Regarding Pet Society: Interaction between characters that's generated by the situation and the individual people playing would change the whole experience for sure. I really wanted to be able to fight and then make up and then steal all those cupcakes in your cupcake room, but the characters always react the same way and your actions are limited. It seems that if you can respond to and play with a frisbee that you should be able to respond in more surprising ways to other things and characters. But the game does take FOREVER to load as it is.

Those dry creative spells end. Hope you check in over the weekend!

LynnyM said...

How exciting about Obama. Too bad you couldn't attend the meeting, although it might be a little scary.

I am disappointed in the extreme situation that this healthcare thing has started. Many people are willing to believe outlandish things rather than trying to work the problem out in a rational way.

I support health care reform, especially if it gets insurance companies back in line. Sometimes they are very, very bad institutions.

Here's to finding inspiration again!

stray said...

I often have those creative dry spells. They seem to equal depression for me.

Mean Jean said...

I too am drawing a creative blank. Actually, I have several ideas I want to try but have allowed the 3 wks of "camp" with 6 grandkids and assorted adults to lull me into a sense of "you're too busy to think about that". Plus turning 60 and partying with all the friends has just made me lazy.

Here's to both of us getting our game back REAL SOON!

prb said...

Re Pet Society: Here's a surprising thing my pet Albie did--picked up and ate the rotten veg I had placed between planted mounds in the garden. I thought the garden would be a good place for the veg that had gone too long before picking. What a surprise to see good ole Albie going around picking each one up and eating it--and the health meter showed increases for each rotten veg eaten.