Sunday, August 23, 2009

High and Dry

It's been very dry up here. Usually August is Monsoon month, with daily afternoon soaker storms, but they haven't happened yet, and September's coming fast. The landscape now is crunchy to walk through, golden and purple, and we've seen very little wildlife about. But we hear the coyotes at night, and that's nice.

Now it's starting to look as if rain may be on the way, but two days of big clouds have produced nothing.

We walked to this strange ranch today. Having just read quite a few mystery novels, I was spooked by the place. There's an abandoned Range Rover in the hay barn behind, no cattle around at all, and an air strip that looked recently used. Hmm... We decided not to look in the back seat of the Range Rover.

A lot of heavily geared abandoned farm machinery that we couldn't make sense of.


Namowal said...

Abandoned stuff always is a combo of sad, fascinating and spooky.

I wonder if coyotes like goat cheese as much as Molly does?

Sally said...

That's it exactly, about abandoned stuff. And last night we got rain. A weird thing is going on with this blog, a bunch of Chinese people are carrying on a conversation in Chinese on my post "Vote for my pal." I tried google translation for one of them and it was hard to make sense of it.

Sally said...

oh wait it's Japanese not Chinese. Google translated one as this:

You can diagnose the degree Charly Checker Moteru time! Mottemote guaranteed to become even more well hidden and you measure the Hikinito Motesukiru also not your everyday Motemote rear Mitsuru

oh okay that makes sense now$?!

Linda said...

I'm glad you got rain last night.

Still car-less here. Hmmm...wondering if that Range Rover would crank. Maybe you could peer into the back seat (from a distance with binoculars).

stray said...

It's advertising spam, right (Japanese)?

Namowal said...

I've got some Japanese replies to some of my posts too. Like yours, they translated into semi nonsense. I'm guessing that they're advertising some semi-indecent product or service and the euphemisms aren't translating well.
I suspect English spam like "lose inches" or "increase [body part] size" doesn't translate well either.

Mean Jean said...

Be still my heart! I covet that pile of rusty junk. I'm into placing rusty objects in my garden.

Jane said...

Your liking to hear the coyotes reminds me of the article I read in the local Mill Valley paper the other day. Dog owners were whining about how sad it is that coyotes are around, as their dogs should be able to run off leash on the trails around Mt. Tam. Don't think they would enjoy listening to coyotes at night. A few years ago, a friend's Bishon Frise was eaten by a coyote in their Mill Valley backyard, which backs onto open space. The owners were very philosophical about it, aware that we do share common space with the coyote. I am quite fascinated by coyotes, and always hope to see one at night when I am driving up the hill to our house.

Mean Jean said...

I've seen a coyote in our backyard here in Asheville.

Sally said...

Well Mean Jean I'm not surprised with all the bears in the back yard you've had. Coyotes are everywhere in the country now, even Connecticut as our house guest last night told us.

Hope the Nebulous is cranking back into working order, Linda.

Those Japanese posters keep posting away, but only in that one thread. Of course my imagination ran away with me and I thought it was some secret communique between Chinese revolutionaries.