Monday, August 10, 2009

Wild Strawberries

We found a field of wild strawberries on our hike at Woods Lake.

Our little chicken Dinah came to visit for four days. This hen lays a prize every time.

One night we watched "True Grit". It was shot nearby in Ridgway, Colorado. Next day we went to a crafts fair in the town park where the hanging scene was shot. (I don't like crafts fairs.)

Spooky parents in the woods!

Here we are in the streets of Silverton. She left today and it seems empty at home.


Linda said...

But wait a minute, the wild strawberries are great, and you may not like crafts fairs, but where did those wonderful beads come from (on strawberry wrist)?

Those are some spooky parents, all right.

Isn't that the best--simply the best--photo of you & Dinah & Molly?!!

Namowal said...

Do wild strawberries taste better than their super-sized supermarket cousins?

As Linda mentioned, the photo of you, Dinah and Molly is a nice one.

As for the prize laying hen.

1. For some reason when I first looked at the picture I thought it was a wacky shower curtain!

2. I saw a similar machine years ago, in a supermarket in Big Bear (Ca). Except instead of the plastic hen there was a creepy paper mache one. It was even creepier when a kid put a quarter in because the thing was moving!

stray said...

Great, great photo of you, Dinah, and Molly. I also don't like crafts fairs, truth be told.

Mean Jean said...

Wild Strawberries! I've had those in Canada a couple of times. Once you taste them you understand what strawberries are all about.

Sally said...

Linda, it's Dinah's pretty hand, not mine. Namowal, wild strawberries are incredibly delicious. We found wild raspberries on the same hike, but they'd mostly been picked.

This chicken danced around too, and I wanted to shoot video of it but didn't have enough room on hard drive.