Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hansel? Gretel?

Earlier this week out on our usual route loop hike we stopped suddenly: "What is that?" A tiny gabled cottage in the woods where we always walk-- it seemed like a dream and I wish it had been.

It's a Walmart camouflage tent for archery hunters, so now we have to be careful where we walk and wear as much bright orange as possible. We were so pleased that the elk seem to have vanished, but then this morning we heard a loud elk bugle from a nearby canyon.

Last night I had a dream I was sitting in a field of cornmeal trying to tie my shoe when a low rider drove by. "Mike", I called out, can you help me tie my shoe?" He got out of the car with a whole group of gang members and I actually called out "help" from my sleep and woke up myself, Jon and the dog. And who's Mike?

On our way to the market on Friday we stopped at a Ridgway coffee shop to pick up the free paper, and there was Ralph Lauren sitting at an outside table with a hot drink. He was wearing a navy and white jogging jacket and navy knit shorts, rather nautical. A deep tan, gigantic calves, looked well. He owns a zillion acres outside of Ridgway but word was he was too frail to come here any more. Not true!


stray said...

Wow--Ralph Lauren!

I've done that--called out for help in a dream, and then worried it was about something in real life....

Namowal said...

You're a celebrity magnet!
Meanwhile I'm haunting Santa Monica and Venice and don't run into anyone.
Maybe I don't recognize them.

Archery hunters? What is this? Robin Hood? Be sure to keep wearing orange. Molly too.