Tuesday, September 01, 2009

WegWag: Marti McGinnis

One of the most appealing horse people I've encountered on the web is artist Marti McGinnis who painted this wonderful cotton candy pony. .. yes a cotton candy pony!

Her joyful paintings really capture the lyrical goofiness of horses.

All these wonderful paintings are for sale at her Etsy shop. Be sure you read her comments on each picture.

One of her web sites is happy art.. This is her blog. Take a look at her amazing art car and she's painted others.

In addition to all that, she is very involved with horse rescue work and lives in Kentucky. She has a darling miniature horse. She's on twitter as Wegwag and on Facebook too. She's a Pet Society queen. I'm sorry we don't live closer. I'd love to have her as a friend. Cheers Marti! You're amazing!


Linda said...

I am SO EXCITED to see this! I love Marti's work--absolutely LOVE it. I bought one of her Silver Dog (elephant) cards about 10 years ago and kept it in front of me on my desk for a long time. I finally found her on the internet. She sent me 10 of her cards and I think I sent her a tiny painting. (Do you remember this, Marti?) Oh, God, your new stuff is great.

Sally said...

Hooray Linda. Seems like a whole lot of serendipity going on here.

Don't you just love these paintings?

Jane said...

These are totally delightful!

linda said...

I am CRAZY about her work. Are you familiar with Bonnie Timmons, another horse-crazy illustrator?


If you all had a horse camp, I would sign up. I would sweep up and make the beds while everyone else went riding.

Namowal said...

Those are wonderful!
Goofy horses, ducks, dogs, elephants...
...I love the playful poses and bright colors. Thanks for introducing me to her work!

Marti said...

Well Gee Whiz - I'm filled with great gobs of joy reading this stuff! Hey Linda - you kept a Silver Dog card all that time? Wow. Humbling truly. I think we SHOULD have a camp and I know just the place we can have it. Low key gorgeous and right in the middle of Horse Country middle America!

Sally said...

Wouldn't that be fun?