Monday, October 12, 2009

Galloping Goose Again

We took another hike along the Galloping Goose trail bed, and had lunch by a stream with a waterfall. Molly took a swim in it.

As I walked past the old railroad ties I had this fantasy that I'd kick a rock, look down, and see an old gold watch underneath. I pick up the watch and hold it to my ear, to hear if it still ticks. I hear a distant voice that says, "Helloooo?"

And then?

Last night we went for dinner with some friends at their house. The guy's a really good cook. We were there for Thanksgiving a few years ago. When we got there last night his wife was on the phone, the football game was on the big tv, the kids were flying off a trampouline, and he was cooking.

As he mashed the potatoes we told him how great looking his cats were. He went to the freezer and pulled out a ziploc bag with a frozen dead pocket gopher in it. We admired it. We weren't worried about what was for dinner at all.



Namowal said...

I was jealous until you got to the surprise in the ziploc bag.
Why on earth was he saving it?
I've heard of hot pockets in the freezer before, but not cold pockets (har har).
p.s. that gold watch fantasy sounds like the start of a good cartoon!

stray said...


Linda said...

I agree with Namo, but I also think the dinner with friends should be made into an animation called "The Charm of Ridgway" to accompany "The Charm of Northridge."

(hmmm ... Can't remember the name of the little town you're in--maybe it's not Ridgway...)

Mean Jean said...

My favorite BIL is a veterenarian and he sometimes has frozen critters.

Sally said...

Linda, I like that idea of doing another charm of... piece. must think about that.