Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning, Birds

Love his white eyebrows!

The light was stranger than it appears in this picture. I have trouble getting sky shots to capture their full color.

Magpies are magnificent.

Today it's snowing. We're making plans to go back to L.A. at the start of November. My mother's back in assisted living, out of the hospital, but very confused about it all.


prb said...

Beautiful photos. One trick I use to get the sky colors is to point the camera way high in the sky, then move it down rather fast to the landscape, and snap. Try it and see if it helps. Thinking of you and your mom.

Namowal said...

Cute jay photo. He looks so determined!
I love Stellar's Jays.
I've seen 'em in California, but only up in the mountains.

Sally said...

Thanks, Jane. Having seen your exquisite Alaska sky shots I'll definitely try that.