Saturday, October 31, 2009

One size too small

credit Elliott Swanson

These shoes could be mine but they're one size too small. Elliott Swanson is a brilliant guy whose specialty is lenticular images. Go ahead, look it up. Sometimes we collaborate.


Namowal said...

One size too small?
Maybe that's what the teeth are trimming the wearer's foot to fit?*

I had to look up "lenticular images,"
Then I thought Oh! The ones with the little lines.

*image works better in cartloonland

Linda said...

GASP! (those shoes.)
Did you and Elliott collaborate on this?

prb said...

Anita would love them.

Sally said...

FUNNY Namowal! Linda, he sent me the picture after he made them for his daughter's Halloween costume.

stray said...

The saddest words: one size too small. I got a dress and was trying to show Pat last night. I made the mistake of eating dinner first, before putting it on. He had to help me zip it up and was really struggling and couldn't stop laughing.