Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Over the Globe

When I spoke to my mother today the ship she thinks she's on had passed through the Panama Canal. Now they were in Japan, and people talked too fast and she had never liked the place or the people. She said she missed America.

I tried to pull her back to reality by talking about my brother. "Cricket's in Africa," I said. (It's true- he's visiting his daughter in Mozambique.) She knew this. She remembered that his daughter had been ill in Africa earlier this year.

At the end she said "Lovely of you to call." Ta ta!

What I've been thinking is that with baby boomers approaching the falling down age, researchers had better get on the stick with studies of anesthesia and its effect on the elderly, or "The Magical Mystery Tour" will have a total new meaning.

These images from a wonderful site, Cruising the Past.


Namowal said...

Your mom's comments about people talking fast make me think of a radio show I heard recently where some neuroscientist said that in some cases people really do perceive time as much faster or slower than the average person.
Glad she remembers the details about your brother in Africa. Maybe she's on her way back?

prb said...

You are so right about the aging boomers and the need to do more work on anesthesia effects.

stray said...

uh oh time for word verification again. is there any aspect of the cruise that seems fun to her? I remember the lucidity being inconsistent. We cherished the moments of sense. You always had to assume he might understand because you never knew for sure when he might.

Linda said...

We're right here with you on this voyage with your mom.