Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hostess dilemna

I saw this cute lady at Santa Anita the day after Christmas. Her hat was covered with sequins but I don't know how to get a sequin effect. Hope she was luckier than I was in her horse picks. We got to see Zenyatta one more time, and Brian and Dinah came too.

For Christmas we had invited nine guests. We had cooked about 20 dishes to accomodate various diets. Three of the guests were traveling together and they were picking up a fourth guest in Hollywood who can't drive. This had been arranged over a week's worth of emails.

When the carload of four arrived, guess what? There were only three. They had forgotten to pick up the fourth guest, and they were late. The food was all cooked. They'd totally forgotten.

Dinah got an A+ for volunteering to drive over to Hollywood and retrieve our guest who was patiently waiting. (But couldn't she have called to ask what's up?) Our cooked food also patiently waited for more than an hour. By the time we ate the food had patiently waited for more than two hours. We managed not to get mad and had a jolly time but it was a dilemna (that's the old fashioned spelling).

Here we are with Dinah's chickens. Remind me to wear makeup next time I get my picture taken with spring chickens.


Namowal said...

Coordinating food and guests gets exponentially crazy with each additional person. Maybe this is why I don't entertain much.
I like the drawing. She'd make a good animated character.
If it makes you feel any better, I photographed myself without makeup and (for some insane reason) submitted it to some online bot analyzes and compares faces. It concluded my face was "97% male!"

Linda said...

Great drawing.
Such a nice photo of you & Dinah--and those chickens look like (large) kittens!
Hilarious Christmas story... I hope it is to you, too, 4 days later.
Dying to know what you cooked.

RHSteeleOH said...

How did you get a chicken to rest on your arm like that? A wonderful happy picture.

prb said...

Glad you have that photo--pretty funny story, too!

Mean Jean said...

Clueless guests help me to live up to my name. Breathe deep, count to twenty, pour the champagne...ahhh.

Sally said...

The chickens just like to perch like that. They are aristocrats of chickens, not like our little scraggly group.

stray said...

Love this post after my luncheon guests just left. Somehow while I was wildly trying to wrap up all the cooking, two plumbers showed up that I'd called yesterday who'd never called back to schedule.... Two of the guests were small children running around the house. I'm OK now.

Sam said...

Nice drawing. And what a CUTE picture of you and Dinah! It was intresting to hear the story. Now, how's your mother? Hope you three have a happy new year!

Sally said...

Happy New Year to ALL OF YOU!