Thursday, February 04, 2010

Goodbye to Elle

Our dear eight year old rooster passed on and we've been feeling sad. I notice the hens don't know which table scraps are good to eat without him standing there and clucking about the food. He was a fine chicken, and old man to a backyard dynasty.

Every night I carried him to the garage so his crows wouldn't bother the neighbors in the morning.

Unlike some roosters he didn't sneak up behind you and kick you.

Here's the video I made of him:

R.I.P. sweet rooster.


namowal said...

I never saw the video before. He was absolutely adorable. Like a little dog (and probably better mannered).
No wonder you miss him!

Sam said...

Oh my. I am so sorry. When I first read it, It tugged at my heart. A couple weeks ago, my grandfather died at 74. Now you know. But, eight is a long time. You and Elle had all sorts of good times together. Ahh, memories.

Linda said...

Oh Sally. I'm sorry.

Sally said...

Thanks. I'm getting so muany spam posts I may have to turn those letter things back on though I don't like to.

booda baby said...

What a character! I always kind of like that you know you'll be a little sad forever - a good measure of what a wonderful rooster he was. You have a very sweet collection of memories to revisit.

prb said...

Bye Bye Elle.