Saturday, February 27, 2010

No More Mr. Hot Stuff?

I went out to Santa Anita solo yesterday and was on fire as a handicapper. I got the pick 4 which means you pick 4 winners in a row, on an $8 bet. It CAN pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, but in my case it paid $84. That will buy a lot of oranges at the Farmers' Market in the morning. Got a lot of other bets right too.

But a horse who's drop dead gorgeous, Mr. Hot Stuff, was running yesterday, and that was actually the reason I went out there. I love this horse's looks, I admit it. He's a sleek well built truly black horse. He hasn't won a race since before the Kentucky Derby and I've bet him to win every time, including in the Derby. He didn't win yesterday either and he still looked like hot stuff. Plus he had my fave jockey, Smokin Joe Talamo on board.

But while walking Molly this morning I thought I could turn him into an internet cartoon strip character, with Whinsey, maybe for the phone. We'll see. I "worked" on it all day. Hard to get good expression on a jet black horse. And then when you're working in Flash you start thinking, gee, if this moved it would be more fun than a still comic- and take a lot longer to do. Rainy weather, sometimes I love you.


stray said...

Sounds exciting; can't wait to see!

Namowal said...

I started reading about you spotting the handsome horse and thought "I bet he'd make a good cartoon character." Then I kept reading and discovered that you hand that in mind too!
I suppose if he's black you could design him like Daffy Duck, where the "ink lines" on his body are white.

Linda said...

Yay for your pick 4!

. . . and "Mr. Hot Stuff." Is that not the perfect name for Whinsey's friend?

I'm curious why you would be working in Flash on a still comic?

Sally said...

The biggest problem I have with doing Flash work is laziness combined with a rush to complete.

Linda, my thought on the construction was this. Even cartoons don't exactly work on a cel phone because of the constant partial attention thing. I thought if it was a panel, and you did that finger pull down thing to the next panel, it might be sort of like those Japanese phone novels we were talking about.

Also if it's a strip you could add more cliff hanger or not elements.

Anyway, that's what I thought I'd try, though I don't have the pulldown code worked out yet.

Word is that the Droid will display Flash very soon.

Anonymous said...

well yeah, i'd rather see an animated cartoon of Quasi and Anita at Santa Anita---A Day at the Races with our favorite characters---please----Your $84 win is impressive---What would Quasi do with his $84? Would Anita take it away from him? Mayhem at Santa Anita, starring Anita and Quasi....please

booda baby said...

You scored a BUNDLE yesterday! I'm not allowed to gamble after my misadventures in Vegas, but I just might sneak myself a little betty-bet at a horse track once. Well, first, I'll have to follow you there, stand behind you in line, peek over your shoulder, etc. etc.

And oooh - what a good pair! And ESPECIALLY good for phone! My recent experience with animating horses has pretty much taught me to pick a different animal. Hahaha. I did a ... um 'highly (ie. badly) stylized' one. Then I did a very accurate one and he actually looked handsome. But missing oh, so much charm. So back to the stylized one.

Sigh. A turtle. I can manage a turtle.

(REALLY, I should read comments before I comment. :\) Somewhere in my archives, I bookmarked code for panelling cartoons. (I'm almost sure I did. We were contemplating doing kidlet cartoon strips.) If you can't find the code, I'll take a look, although I'm pretty confident you'll be able to. Find it.)

Anonymous said...

forget the technical mish mash---there are always technical mish mashes--pay attention to anita and quasi at Santa Anita---i'd pay good money to see it--quasi explaining the daily double---anita flipping out when she loses two dollars----touts advising anita---

RHSteeleOH said...

I liked your comment about being on fire. Looking forward to the comic strip flash thingy!

stray said...

Congrats on your win, by the way!