Thursday, February 18, 2010

off to Bay Area

Flying out in the morning to see Dinah in Davis, then going to San Francisco late Saturday where I'll meet Linda Davick and see old pal Jane (prb here). Weather looks as if it's awful, but should be good times ahead.

Funny but when I think about San Francisco, for all the years I worked there, my mind still goes back to that first job I had working as a cocktail waitress at Earthquake McGoon's for about 3 months. You can read about the place here . It was very memorable.

In fact a few scenes of the movie "The Organization" starring Sidney Poitier were shot in the Magic Cellar, underneath MaGoon's, and I'm even in a scene or two.

As I understand it, the building on Clay St. is long gone.


RHSteeleOH said...

Have a safe trip Sally.

P.S. You were in a move??? Cool!

Namowal said...

Have a great trip! Tell Linda I said hello.
p.s. I help make movies but I've never actually been in one! As RHSteeleOH said, that's cool.

Sally said...

if you rent it, about 2/3 thru it's at the Magic Cellar and the bad guy says something like "get to work Sally." and swats me.

I was going to post a clip on the blog but the techno aspect was too difficult.

stray said...

Have fun!

Linda said...

If you get there first, go ahead and order me a Bloody Mary.

RHSteeleOH said...

In no place of my imagination can I picture someone swatting you.