Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I painted eight illustrations of contemporary fashion a few months ago. They're coming out in a fashion magazine called Hot & Cool, in the UK tomorrow. I've listed the originals on etsy just now: Take a look. This one's a dress by Christopher Kane.


Linda Davick said...

Searching high & low for Hot & Cool. Will find it.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Sally,have you seen this competition to make a clip for this song to get paid $4000 ?

The illustration at the top of their site reminded me R Crumb's and your style of drawing.
Maybe you should have a go at it,even if you don't win you'll have a new cartoon for yourself.

Mr.ED said...

hi Sally, how I can contact to you (e-mail)? I want to propose something.

all the best for you,

Sally said...

Hi Mr. Ed. It's not hard to reach me but I'm not posting my email on this page. Breadcrumb trail via my site,

Anonymous said...

I thought I recognize that style of characters and animation. I saw those type of characters on Sesame Street in animated short musicals like "Dreams come from you head." I remember seeing the fun on mars animated short, but was shocked to see an animated scene of the legged characters running around in a circle with a giant one eyed spider hovering on his web strand above them.
Those characters were from Robert Swarthe's animated short Kick Me.

Sally said...

Thanks for posting, Mr. A. I don't think I've ever seen the Robert Swarthe short, "Kick Me." But I like the title.