Friday, March 23, 2007

Interview with me in 1980 at Snazelle Films

(On youtube you can never choose the featured image- it's the frame half way through!)

I found this old interview with me and had it transferred, then uploaded it to youtube, source of many new friends... Can't resist including this amazing message I got from a youtuber today:

your film Quasi at the Quackadero is tacked onto the end of a very old and mysterious video tape my father has owned since I was very small, although the opening credits are lopped off and I never knew it was yours until very recently. The tape starts out with Warner Brothers cartoons, which get weirder and weirder and then suddenly switch to your cartoon after almost an hour. After Quasi, there are a few other things such as a surreal cartoon about a mutating fly and a terrifying claymation piece about Hell, but Quasi at the Quackadero is the pinnacle of the tape. Watching it has always been a sort of ritualistic journey for me, as it progresses on and on and on from innocent Bugs Bunny cartoons to the strangest, most far-out things. The enduring of the entire tape is a mind-altering experience, to be sure. I was very excited to see you with a YouTube profile, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thankyou for providing the psychedelic climax to a bizarre and wonderful childhood ritual.