Friday, March 23, 2007

Keyboards of the Future

This is a keyboard that's already available, but once they start projecting that keyboard into the space in front of you, rather than on the flat, and people are typing into the air, it will be as if sign language and keyboards have merged... or maybe in the future they will.

Even though I'm 57, I like to think about the future a lot. I think humans are evolving into an insectivorous form, hive-like. I think the constant partial attention syndrome relates to that.


linda said...

p.s. Maybe the constant partial attention syndrome is one reason why ActionScript and coding is so difficult for lots of people (me). You have to be concentrating on the code and nothing else, or else nothing works.

Sally said...

When I first started with code, I just copy pasted other people's code and switched out values. I learned through osmosis, or something.

One maddening thing about Flash is the code just gets more and more complex, so people turn it over to programmers, and split the functions of code and design.

This happened after Flash MX, and the goofy experiments on the web stopped showing up.

An artist's version of Flash would be a great idea, Adobe.