Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cowboy Sundae

We had the bestest time today.

Girl above is an example of fashion surprises at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. Since no cameras are allowed, I have to work from memory. This overweight but stylish gal caught my eye in spite of my tattoo phobia. She was wearing a strapless red and white polka dot dress with tattooed bows on the backs of her legs. Talk about accessories (that trail you for a lifetime.) On her back was a brand new dish plate size floral tattoo, and her hair was two tone, blonde and raspberry with a double Anita roll in front. Harlequin glasses and a friend not quite as outstanding completed the look. (you thought I'd draw the friend too?)

Otherwise the main fashion dos were cowboy hats, big buckles, big bellies, big arms. It was 103 yesterday, but today was cooler. I began to realize that the people in really fancy period Western dress were paid to do so.

We were delighted by David Bourne
who plays classic saloon piano with verve and education, a treat. He knew Pete Clute, who was the piano player at Earthquake Magoon's, where I spent a few months as cocktail waitress long, long ago. (1971!!)His specialty is tunes from before Ragtime. He started his career at Knott's Berry Farm, and has published a book about it. I'm interested in the early days of the KB Farm myself, but that's another story.

Best for Last: The String Devils played before a huge audience who were all on their feet cheering at the end. I spoke to Whit Smith, before the show and am going to build a web site for them. yay hooray, happy day for me.


linda said...

There certainly were a lot of weirdos out that day...

That's a great illustration. Did you do it in Flash? (or Illustrator?) Will it be part of your new movie? Will The String Devils do the music?

Sally said...

Funny. I started it in Photoshop, but have never been comfortable with CS2 and its drawing features. For one day I tried a test version of CS3 and it seemed much friendlier but Adobe only allowed me the one free day.

So I exported the drawing and brought it into Flash, which I'm much more comfortable with.

I got the domain name for, which is sometimes the hardest part, because all sorts of odd names are already taken, and I thought anything with devil in it was likely to be gone. I heard from Whit, so will get started on it soon. I'm excited.

What's my new movie?

l. said...

You know. That feature-length movie you're doing in Flash. Where Quasi and Anita meet up with Tattoo Girl and Whinsey at the Cowboy Festival. And save Slimfast from the sausage machine.

Congratulations on getting the domain name. A great way to start.

linda said...

(Of course Quasi wants to eat Slimfast.)

Katy said...

Was she bow legged?

Sally said...

exquisite story ideas, linda, and nice joke katy, though i'm always the last one to get it! tanks.