Friday, April 27, 2007

Cowboys in the Morning

We're off to the cowboy festival in Santa Clarita tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to old favorites Sourdough Slim, Baxter Black, Don Edwards and fave Whit Smith's new band, The String Devils. Here's their press info:
  • "Western Swing is alive and well in the hands of former Hot Club of Cowtown members Whit Smith and Jake Erwin. Their recent alliance with Texas fiddler Katy Cox has the band writing new songs and arranging everything from jazz standards, early Americana and Latin melodies to fiddle breakdowns!"


linda said...

Will you get someone to take a photo of you all in your authentic cowboy gear?

Sally said...

They have this ridiculous restriction on cameras at this event, because it's held at the Melody Ranch. We weren't anything worth taking a photo of, but there were some amazing looking folks all dressed up in best cowboy gear, and no one was allowed to photograph them. A lot of guys in somber all black outfits, and old gals dressed like old saloon hookers were especially memorable.

My camera lost its charge anyway, and Jon has the charger at the office, so at least that wasn't driving me nuts.

More on this great event tomorrow.

cow girl said...

Well, did you at least wear cowboy boots?

Sally said...

I have prize Ariat Manzanita boots, brown on the bottom and green on top. They're comfortable, but I don't have a picture!