Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bad Day on Google for me

I can't believe I spent almost the whole day online, trying to find the right drivers for Dinah's old cel phone, so she could save all the pictures she took, onto her pc, now that she has a new phone. I don't even have a cel phone, so that sets me back a bit.

There were hundreds of posts by frustrated phone owners who'd bought the cable, as I did two years ago, so they could download their camera phone pictures. But the drivers are elusive, and of course you're always walking into a mine field when you're looking for free drivers to download. And all the cell phone forums (and there are many!) I passed through today... with the same topic chewed on in different ways, and no sure solution... For many of them you have to join just to do a search, and joining is a three or four step journey.

By the end of the day we tried propping the cel phone on the step and taking a picture of its image with the digital camera. aah. Seen here is dear old Luna from her last summer.


linda said...

So Dinah got a new cel phone? What kind?
I love the shot of Luna.
Funny shooting photos on the phone with another digital camera! It turned out amazingly well, don't you think?

Looking forward to seeing Makeover in the Lobby and Make a Kookie Kondo!

other sal said...

Gosh, I'll try to take a photo of my friend's phone photo of the alien motif street lamps in Roswell; she hasn't been able to figure out how to get photos off her phone!

other sal said...

Hey, that Flash animation is looking great!