Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Floating Sculpture

I studied sculpture in college, and made painted reliefs mostly, although my plaster of paris electric lamb with blue light bulb eyes was memorable. In the 80's I thought I had to personally help the trash stream with all the giant pieces of styrofoam packing material that were un-recyclable. I made numberous painted sculptures, using the bigger size styrofoam and cel vinyl paint. They looked quite nice floating in the pool. This one had a hook nose but you can't tell from the picture. I had a very cool electric wire styrofoam cutting device but it gave off a hideous odor and after awhile I felt the two were cancelling out-- the awful odor versus the styrofoam in trash cans. Besides, where do you store all this junk after awhile...


linda said...

I thought this was a painting at first!
I know what you mean about odors. I just bought the greatest wallet at Ross Dress. For Less for $3.00. I mean, really fun wallet. But when I got it home, I noticed that it smelled bad. Really bad. I set it out in the sun, but the sun seemed to make the odor stronger. I use it because I love it so much, but I'm embarrassed to take it out of my bag when anyone else is around. But that's a good thing, because I haven't bought anything since I've started carrying my credit card in it. I can only use it if there's a self-checkout at the grocery store.

I like the way, in the car animation up there, that the 3 layers of background move at different speeds.

me again said...

Help. I need an editor.

My policy is never to proofread anything until after I've sent it.)

Sally said...

I'll bet the sculptures do look great in the pool! We could use a pool; it's 88 degrees and we're in a drought.

I know what you mean: I keep dragging stuff out of the house that I made in the past and then starting new projects to make more stuff that I'll probably have to give away or get rid of somehow later on.

I edit scholarly articles for Asian economics professors, but it's hard to edit my own writing! Thank goodness the blog is not permanent.

sally in tenn again said...

Linda, I just got back from returning something to Ross: a shirt that I thought maybe I liked but it made Pat want to barf. He gets another test tomorrow to see what they should do about the gallstones.

Sally said...

It's nutty. I thought I'd thrown this out years ago, then looked over my computer and the darn thing is right there on the wall.

I can still remember the weird way that melted foam smelt- as toxic as it comes. Funny story about the purse.

Hope Pat feels better soon.