Monday, June 25, 2007

Anxious Sunday

Linda Davick asked me about what I was doing in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1967. I was at the Cotton Ball, of course, with these good old boys from Lookout Mountain. Must say the guy two in from left looks like the man of the moment, (not to be confused with the old man of the mountains). The man in the middle was Toto. I don't remember the other names anymore. There was one guy named Noodlebooger who was one of the boys. He had something wrong with him.

Thorpe MacKenzie, a romantic figure in the crowd, (not pictured), went on to become a super rich investor. I saw a picture of him with his wife and family all lined up/ propped up in front of a fancy fireplace, on the internet. He played the banjo when I knew him, and according to the internet he still does... and fishes in Scotland.

But that's not what made me anxious. Dinah and her boyfriend vanished on their camping trip, from the quick phone call Friday afternoon, outside Fresno, till a late phone call last night, as they left "the park". They didn't get home until 3:30 am. They saw three bears. I was Goldilocks, no- I was a wreck, worrying, which I don't usually do.


Sally said...

Three bears?

And Toto, too?

Glad Dinah got home all right!

linda said...

You were a real deb? Amazing! I googled "cotton ball chattanooga" just to be sure, and the first thing that came up was a great description of the phenomenon by ASHLEE, 18 years old. She posts an instructive photo of a debutante helping another debutante pee.

Did you live in Chattanooga???

Well, I think an interactive Cotton Ball is called for.

p.s. I'm sure YOUR mom NEVER worried about you. (Ha!). But really--that must have been disturbing--Dinah and Cameron out camping with all the bears dragging people out of tents lately.

Sally said...

No, I wasn't a deb. And people weren't wearing white dresses, but other than that it was a lot what like Ashlee described. I lived in New Jersey. I was a house guest.

Sally said...

I want to hear more about the interactive cotton ball! I have a cotton ball story to post... maybe tonight.