Saturday, June 23, 2007

I sit on sunglasses

so I thought this Annie Hall style pair would suit me well. Cost $30 including shipping. My current pair need paper clips to stay together. The old ones are nice Alain Miklis that I got from a reliable internet dealer who has since stopped selling them.

I need the Annie Hall style, maybe my ears are at different _y posits on my head--and it's hard to find these days. (my head, the style, or my _y posit?)

So I ordered the pair above, and was so pleased and excited. But when I opened the box these ultra high stylers were in there instead:

They're actually strangely flattering. And the functional design is MOMA. Foldout strange and lovely. Like an Eames chair or something. But the logo says "Porsche". ew, tacky. the attached price tag is $125. Guess I'll keep and wear them, enjoy the strange bug alien look instead of dorky 70s Annie Hall, which is more how I look. Jon looked worried when he saw me wearing them, but knowing my propensity for sitting on them, said I should keep them.


Sally said...

This is a great story! It's funny how things can work out sometimes.

I also sit on sunglasses, and I lose them. Once I lost a pair for months till someone sat in the passenger side of my car and found them jammed back in the seat where the back meets it.

People sometimes tell me I remind them of Diane Keaton; I think it's the way I dress (sometimes wear hats) that reminds them of Annie Hall, but also maybe the way I smile and talk.

linda said...

I really love the Annie Hall style glasses too. But now that you've shown us THESE, we will all have to have a pair of the nu ultra highstyling Sally Cruikshank sunglasses. Do you think it will work if we order the $30 pair too? I know Snozzi wears the Porsche glasses.

Sally said...

I do wish I'd gotten the other pair instead, but I'll keep the bugshield pair I guess. They came with a 5 panel diagram of how to put them on!

Katy said...

They're good rabbit sitting glasses.

Sally said...

yes they are, Katy!

L. said...

Yes, you should keep them. It's the same as pocketing $95. What will you spend the extra $95 on?