Monday, June 04, 2007

Dinah Wins Again

The headmaster at Dinah's school emailed us Saturday that Dinah was going to receive the headmaster's award at the ceremony Monday morning. This honors the most outstanding student, though the criteria are not just academic. It's quite an honor.

We received elaborate secret instructions on where to meet, because the parents are included but the honor is a surprise, and no one is supposed to see you until the name is announced. Jon couldn't go because he'd booked an editing session, but I headed down there today at the appropriate time. A boy and girl each receive the honor. I was escorted backstage and stood in this dark closet-like hallway for the WHOLE ceremony, until her name was announced, then I walked out, got a hug, and was motioned aside so official pictures could be taken. Couldn't even peek out under a curtain.

We were thrilled she won it though.


linda said...

I can't get over this girl.

So does this mean that Dinah herself didn't know until they announced her name? Is the orange thing she's holding a box of shoes?


Sally said...