Monday, June 04, 2007

My Favorite Candy

Thank goodness these are hard to find, because I can inhale these British candies. They have a gritty sugar coating and intense, not really like fruit, flavors. I used to also really like the American candies Jujyfruits and Dots, but they've changed the recipes and have a really weird spikey industrial aftertaste now. Red Vines taste better than Dots these days. Almost makes me want to do a search for vintage Dots. And how about Bonamo's Turkish Taffy? I once read Joe Bonamo's autobiography. (Bonomo?)

Years ago a British friend came to visit and I asked him to bring me some rolls of these Rowntree treats. I think he thought they were going to last half a century, but they were gone in two days.

Once on an airplane I sat next to a woman who offered me some of her Jujyfruits, and we got to talking about candy and discovered we had the exact same obsessive love of certain gummy candies-- but hated gummy bears. You know, candy fetish talk. And we continued to talk, which I never do on airplanes. Gradually I realized a common interest in candy doesn't equate to a common interest in life's bigger pictures.

ps my Father in law prefers See's Candy (of course) but also likes peanut brittle, generic.


die andere Sally said...

I love this:
"Gradually I realized a common interest in candy doesn't equate to a common interest in life's bigger pictures."

We go through phases. Lately we've started just nibbling on Ghirardelli 60 percent cocoa chocolate chips all day long.

This reminds me: Pat gets a new crown today.

postscript sally said...

Did the woman on the plane end up showing you photos of her grandchildren? This seems to always happen.

Sally said...

She didn't show the grandchildren, but she did start talking about Oprah.

Judge Blogg said...

The "My Favorite Candy" photo, along with the "Down the Road" movie and your new illustrated title up there–all on the purplish background– wins you the Best Looking Blog Award for Monday.

Sally said...

Yay, I won something. That's SWEET!