Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm ever so fond of google for all kinds of things, including this nice little topper, called TeaHouse, which changes a little during the day, though it would be nice if it changed more. igoogle is my home page.

I tried the theme called "Seasonal Scape" but liked it less. What I notice in both of them is the artist observes small, dear details and that seems to really click. The tiny shoes, and in Seasonal Scape the tiny cardboard drink warmers. I guess this was done in Illustrator. Linda?

Google images can keep me clicking along endlessly, and google earth is also an amazing tempting tool. I also use google analytics, google maps, everything but g-mail.

What are your favorite google features?


linda said...

I didn't know about igoogle! It's wonderful. You definitely should do a more active version for them.

I just added CityScape to the top of my home page. If you type in your zip code, it makes the light change in the cityscape according to what time it is where you live ... I can't wait to see it in the morning.

I'm going to look at your house on Google Earth now and see if Molly's outside.

Sally said...

You guys are way ahead of me. I didn't know about igoogle, and the only features I know how to use are search, blog, and maps. Thanks for educating me!

Sally said...

I thought of something I actually use a lot: Google Analytics. I had to learn to use it to help track web traffic for our site at work.