Friday, June 22, 2007

this must be fillmore

Goofy hot Saturday. Molly and I went out to sheepherding at 7:15. Molly got to run in the big ring with a ton of sheep. I'm going to edit the videos this weekend. She had the time of her life.

Coming back we entered a time warp and followed this car. Taken right after we'd crossed the narrow gauge train tracks. Jon was off to Florida to see his father, Dinah and Cameron headed out in my car to hike/camp in Yosemite. Molly and I were on the open road.

Got home and a message from Jon said he'd quit his flight because they'd been trying to fix the plane for three hours-- electrical trouble... okay so much for my plans of eating unhealthy foods I love like sour cream shortribs and cake. I was glad he was coming back as it looked like a lonely weekend... but bye bye bad food delights. amazing I'm not a fatty.

Dinah has been petsitting someone's rabbits against our wishes. She paid me to take over the gig. I growled, I agreed. I got there and couldn't open the door. I swore. I got in the side door feeling like a criminal, punched the code, found the whole scene kind of weird, and couldn't find any of the rabbit supplies. The rabbits live in a step over fenced area in the living room, on wall to wall carpet... The rabbits have a two story dwelling. The house is at least four floors. The smell made me think of detective novels. It was in a fancy part of the Valley. The rabbits were fat.

Came back to a major load of code changes on the searchers 2 site. Got the google adwords in place. (A great feature, the text box sponsored ad that appears on the right when you do a search.)

Got a phone call from Whit Smith saying he'd call me today with all his stringdevils bookings. great. He was calling from an airport too.

Pizzasaurus at the door. bye all.

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Sally said...

sour cream short ribs! Pizzasaurus! I'm starving.