Friday, June 29, 2007

Travelin' Family

My brother called yesterday. He'd just returned from a kayaking trip in Croatia. Before that he was sailing in the Virgin Islands, and in South Carolina, and in Brazil, trying to revive the relationship with his wonderful former fiance-- a relationship savaged by his grown children at Christmas last year.

He said one of his daughters was off to Mozambique for two years-- eek, had to google the country, sounded pretty scary, with advice like, "The Cuamba to Nampula train is rife with pickpockets. It is especially risky when all the passengers are disembarking. " or "Beware of the police. They are definitely your worst enemy! " His daughter is a beautiful strawberry blonde Brown Univ. graduate.

His other daughter is in Rome arranging Valentino's five million dollar birthday party. She's a remarried WTC widow, who's been working with Valentino for quite a few years. Can you imagine the potential bitchiness of this event? All those women of Richistan, kiss kiss... checking each other out.

Me, I'm off to New Jersey on Tuesday to see my mother.


Sally said...
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postscript sal said...

I wanted to mention my post about my Brazilian friend's site for her company: she makes fake food!

Sally said...

such pretty fake food. You have so many international connections! EX fiance is in Sao Paolo. A heart break situation.

linda said...

Can hope be renewed?

Sally said...

I'd say very unlikely, though the romance is still there, for both of them.