Friday, July 13, 2007

Leaving L.A. all of a sudden

We decided to leave a day early-- so long till August 5. I may be able to post but it's strictly dial-up, so don't count on it. We're taking the I-15 to I-70, which is right by the Milford Flats fire in Utah. This picture is from the same area burning on our trip two years ago.

We're going to Southwest Colorado, near Placerville, 9,000 feet up.


linda said...

No! How can you leave like this?

Be careful. If fire is too close, abandon car, find moon bouncer.

I'll look on the map for Placerville.

Dial up girl said...

Well shoot, and darn, we miss you already. Dial up isn't half bad. Give it a work out under the western skies.

Namowal said...

have a good trip.

Sally said...

I checked the Utah fire map today, and a thunderstorm had helped control it. Thanks for your nice wishes.

Sally said...

Have fun!