Sunday, August 19, 2007

Australian Crested Doves

We've had this pair of doves for more than ten years. They have beautiful iridescent colors and orange eyes. They panic easily. In Australia they're quite common, but rarely seen in the U.S.

For years we kept hoping they'd mate and we could sell the babies, but though they do a courtship dance quite often, spreading tail feathers turkey-style and hopping around in a circle, and one sits on a nest from time to time, no joy there.

Our common white doves raise babies fairly often.


california tourist said...

There is probably a dove support group here.

Another morning walker said...

Did you know that crows also live in pairs? They're not so cute, though.

Sally said...

Crows are very cool birds, though one picked out the eye of our hen now named Pirate.