Sunday, August 19, 2007

San Francisco 1971

Found this taped inside the diary I just tossed. In case you can't read what Sparky Duck is saying out the window:

1.Don't be Lazy
2.Keep Working! Don't Give Up!
3.Beware of Gobblers and Goblins
4. Be True

The only other thing I saved from the diary was this odd poem, about someone who is now no longer alive.

hey, I went to Smith College, home of everybody's favorite, Sylvia Plath. If you can't read my writing, all the better!


sally g said...

We need a new stove/oven; Pat suggested gas. I told him that scares me, thinking of Sylvia Plath.

linda said...

Sally, I'm aghast. I'm ready to get on a plane. You threw away a diary? Go retrieve it immediately; Where did you throw it away? Why? Can I keep it for you if I promise not to read it very much? The cartoon and the poem are wonderful. Go get the diary.