Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fickle Wiklepedia

Last night we were talking about encyclopedias and disagreeing about Wikipedia, which I've never felt comfortable with. Dinah had various reasons for why it was as good as the Brittanica.

(My old favorite was the early 50's World Book... anyway)

I told her I had a nice write up in Wikipedia, which shocked her. So I went to show her and: IT WAS GONE!

It had been this really nice, detailed description of everything I'd done, and was accurate in the details and not overly excited about anything. And I had nothing to do with it. Now I have a one liner with a question mark after my birth date.

I wonder how this happens. I feel sorry for the original poster who'd done such a nice job of gathering information. I tried to make sense of the options available if you think there's been an error, but it looked too complicated to get into.

Are any of you wiki competents?


voxwoman said...

I'm not very wiki competent, but I've looked at some "contested" pages, and your old page *should* be in the page history area.

I think there is some method by which you can get your original page restored, but I'm not sure what that would be (I will ask some of my more geekly friends about it tonight).

I just stumbled across your blog a few minutes ago, after stumbling across your web page. I am one of your silent but slavering fans, having seen Quasi at the Quackadero at an animation festival on the U Penn campus in Philadelphia in the late 1970's. (and I just ordered the DVD! I can't wait!)

I just want to thank you for bringing joy and weirdness into my life.

voxwoman said...

If you looked at the other tabs at the top of your page: There are Edit, Discussion, and History tabs which show what's gone on with the page.

The page should be edited to at least link to you IMDB listing (which is linked via the Wikipedia stub for Quasi at the Quackadero

I think this happens in Wikipedia quite frequently. I know it's happened for the Bio page of a cartoonist friend of mine and more than once.

Sally said...

Thanks for the wiki advice. I looked around all those tabs at the top but none brought up what I remembered seeing about four months ago. I wonder if the wayback machine would have it. Probably not, though that's always a cool backup when website files are suddenly gone.

Thanks for your wonderful comments. I got the dvd in the mail for you today. Glad you stumbled by!

Stumbling is exactly how I feel as I make my way through the web.

linda said...

But Sally! Did you see this?

Sally said...

Linda, Thanks for the link. I think the same person who wrote that had previously written the wikipedia piece. I love the way the images have been collected and posted, wow. I think I know who wrote it, but a mistake about backing up my hard drive caused me to lose a ton of old saved email.

sally g said...

I guess you could recreate and post?

iPhone sal said...

I tried to post on this from iPhone at the airport, but comments I made aren't showing up on people's blogs. I was quoting my friend Norris, who says "the Web giveth, and the Web taketh away." (He was referring to "borrowed" images at the time.)