Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sandy gets the cans

Ran into Sandy the trash can gal this morning as she was rushing from can to can with her object picker. She's had a bad weekend. She was trying to get to the Englebert Humperdinck concert, (now how many people do you know who have that as their destination?) when she "ran over something." That part freaked me a bit, as she's around 76 and blind in one eye and sort of nutty on top of it. Drives fast, does everything fast. So the something could have been vegetable mineral or animal. eek.

The something disabled her car so much that she had to spend the weekend in Needles Ca while they tried to fix the car. Average daytime temp there was 115.

They ran into problems fixing her car and she had to rent a PT Cruiser and drive back, which put her in total rant state. "What kind of car is named Cruiser and doesn't have cruise control?" etc. Now this babe should not be using cruise control, in fact she shouldn't be driving at all!

She gets to the park around 5 am for the bottles and cans. Says they're for beer money. She usually has her hair in rollers and full nicely done make-up. Favors an Apache style red and white striped shirt. She's always got an odd story to tell you, usually ending in some grim detail that she likes to emphasize.

I'm quite fond of her.

Just a quick before dinner sketch.


linda said...

This is a GREAT story AND illo. Going to keep that idea in mind for collecting beer money.

sally II said...

Love the sketch!

Sally said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

Katy said...

Please, more Sandy stories and more grim details. Make-up at 5 in the morning? I'm impressed, but it's a bit early for rant mode.