Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some horse's digital diary!

Now that Dinah is getting ready to go to college and taking her horse and her horse's two goats with her, it's time to move Pepper out of his current expensive and inappropriate stable, and into a retirement home.

I've been emailing and searching the web this past week. The picture above is from a ranch I was considering, in Badger, Ca. You must know where that is! It seemed like a decent place, but the picture is sort of like an Italian kidnapping shot.

Once a month they send you a picture of your horse, with a dated newspaper in the front, so you know your horse is alive! It actually makes sense, since Badger is a long way from anywhere, and how else would you know that you weren't paying board for a horse who was running with ghost riders in the skies? But also a little creepy. Place is called "DUNROVEN"- get it?

I found a place I liked today. Dinah liked it too. More money than I wanted to spend, but I think Pepper will be well taken care of there, and it's close enough to home (Moorpark), that I could visit often. All the retired horses there looked in great condition and well cared for. There is a llama on the premises as well as quite a few goats.


linda said...

I'm so glad you found a place where you can visit Pepper. Do horses like being around llamas and goats?

southern sal said...

Yes, it sounds like a good place. The kidnapping shot was weird. I also am wondering about the goats.

Sally said...

I don't know about llamas, but horses like goats. Tia has lived with two goats in a small stall since we got her six years ago. She's a high strung horse. Pepper likes Tia's goats too, but they're going off to college. They'll butt you any chance they get, but have their own charm.

awittykitty said...

That holding up the newspaper thing is kinda weird. What if they held up something saying "George Bush is an idiot" or "Tiger Woods won a golf tournament". I mean that could be anytime. Glad you found a place a little closer.

Sally said...

I agree, awittykitty, it seemed really weird to me too.