Thursday, August 09, 2007

Whole lotta shakin going on

Earthquake last night in Chatsworth/Northridge. A 4.5 centered on Oat Mountain I'm thinking, judging from maps. Jon's office, the only room upstairs, took a little rearranging-- I'd just straightened it yesterday, making all the papers set at right angles. Note Robocop all atumble on the desk. I failed to notice the phone off the hook until I tried to make a phone call a little while ago and the line was dead.

This is a picture of the same room, (and tiny Dinah) after the 1994 Northridge quake.


linda said...

Am I imagining it, or is that a fish behind the Rolodex?

Katy said...

Do you ever want to move to more solid ground?

Sally said...

It's cruel and embarrassing to admit, but earthquakes can be very exciting.

gotta check on that fish!

tennessee sal said...

Wow; I heard about a 4.4 in the East Bay a couple of weeks ago.

tornado alley sally said...

Glad you guys are all right.

Katy said...

I just looked at the Searchers2 website--what a pleasure. I hope the movie can live up to it. Does this mean you're leaving for Venice soon?

Sally said...

tornado alley sally, now that's quite a name you got there!

My big disaster fears when I was a kid were:
1. Tidal Waves (in central New Jersey)
2. Tornados There was a painting in an old World Book Encyclopedia, probably W.P.A. era, that I used to torment myself by looking at it. It was so darned scary. One of those pulled both ways things you do to yourself as a kid. "I can't look, I can't look, oh my gosh look at that big black tornado."

Katy, we're not going to Venice. No free ticket, and Jon's been getting extra anxious about flying at all. The movie is delightful. Hope it finds its audience, not an easy feat. Thanks for nice words on the site. Now I'm working on a site for my sheep herding trainer.