Sunday, September 09, 2007

Car buying is nutso and expensive

6 hours after leaving the house, we think? we purchased a sport FIT Honda for Dinah. Supposedly the top selling car in Europe and Japan... The humiliation of car ownership continues. more later. The color is called Fiji blue, snazzier than this blurry jpeg.

(early morning) She drove it home at 9 pm. We got a good deal. 0% on the loan, and they gave us $1500 for the PT Cruiser with 140,000 miles on it, a door that wouldn't open, the check engine light on, and a bum radio. Not to mention the dusting of a thousand French Fries and stable dirt. Then they discovered the car we bought had been already sold earlier that day, which was a big embarrassment for them. They had to get one from a dealer 50 miles away.


sally g said...

Those Honda Fits are cute.

linda said...

I love a good car story! This is exciting.

sg said...

So glad they ordered you one after all that.

Namowal said...

Nice car there. Too bad it was a time consuming hassle to get it.
BTW. I noticed the license plate card and now I have the "Keyes, Keyes, Keyes, Keyes on Van Nuys..." jingle playing in my head.

linda said...

You don't know the meaning of the words "The humiliation of car ownership!" You mean the check engine light isn't supposed to be on continuously? It's always on in the Ford Nebulous.

Dinah is a lucky duck!!!

Sally said...

Namowal, please do not post that jingle, as it's starting in my head again too! Fortunately it's been banned from the dealership. The Honda waiting area had a healthful snack machine but the tv was turned to Fox news. The Toyota waiting room was the 25 cent turnwheel candy and the tv was in Spanish.

The car is amazing. It has a large brain that reminds you when you need your oil changed among many other things, and the back seats fold down into a slick flat floor, so she'll be able to travel to college with all her many boxes. Horse and goats travel separately.