Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do you do Zazzles?

This one I saw cracked me up. When I was in my twenties I always felt I was a magnet for weirdos, and here's a hat to identify the problem. I remember being handed a business card from someone who worked for the Time Travel Institute.

In L.A. it rarely happens, because you're in your car or in your house: life is totally insular. Although one day a woman stopped me outside Target and pointed to the sky. "The clouds aren't moving." I looked. She explained the military was injecting chemicals into the sky to stop them from moving... Then her adult son appeared. "Mother, this way."

But what I meant to ask was, do you design for Zazzles or Cafe Press? Do you buy from them? Both provide easy design interfaces to create t shirts, mugs, misc. junk to give your family or urge others to buy. And Goodwill is always standing by..

I don't wear shirts with writing on them. I don't even like to drink from mugs with writing on them. But with my subnormal ability to earn money, I'm attracted to the idea of these places.


linda said...

Yes, I've bought from Cafe Press. And Etsy. Please put Anita on there!

sally2 said...

I have bought from Cafe Press. Pat's distant cousin, who has a coffee shop, has things there that we gave as family Christmas gifts. It would be fun and inspiring to see your things.

I went through a phase for years of being a weirdo magnet. It does provide good cartoon material as long as long as it doesn't put you in danger.

Namowal said...

Haven't done the Cafe Press thing yet- though I've considered it.
I'm with Linda- put Anita out there. :)

As for shirts with writing on them- when my mom got Botoxed the company actually sent her a black t-shirt with "Botox" spelled out in sequins! It was so ridiculously tacky, so wrongly wrong, that I HAD to wear it. Everyone thought it was satirical.

Sally said...

Etsy has very pretty things. I hadn't seen that before.

That botox story is mighty funny!