Friday, September 28, 2007

Molly's Dad

Molly was just a puppy when her father Gato and Gato's owner Gerald came to visit us in Colorado. Gerald was a K-9 officer then, and is now the sheriff of another county. Gato was born in Germany.

We're leaving for Colorado Sunday morning before dawn, staying two months we hope. This time we've set up for a high speed connection. Hope to stay in touch.


linda said...

So is this when you first met Molly? Or had you already had Molly a little while when Gato and Gerald came to visit? If you already had had Molly a little while, do you think she recognized her dad? Will she see her dad again next month?

Sally said...

We'd had Molly for about a month. Gerald stopped by to see how things were going. He was very dedicated to finding the best homes for his puppies. Molly had to stay in the house.

Gato is a bring em down trained German Shepherd. The mom does drug busts!

Gerald told us Gato was fine as long as he knew he was playing. He tossed the rubber ball out and Gato plunged after it. But he couldn't find it...

I thought, Should we all run into the house now? (Because all I knew about then was Chow Chows, primitive glorious beasts, not German Shepherds, the smartest dogs in the world.)

I hope we'll see Gerald, but since he became sheriff his responsibilities are mighty great, and he lives half a day away.

ps still looking for sofia in a can!

sg said...

I know; I keep asking about the champagne in a can and get blank stares.

sg said...

P.S. I love "pushing the unemployed animator envelope."

Namowal said...

Have a good time in Colorado. p.s. "Primitive, glorious beasts" is a good description of Chow Chows. I supose that's why you don't see them doing K-9 work. ;)