Friday, September 28, 2007

Rooster trouble

Picture was taken a few years ago, when Dinah was smaller!
5:45 am and I have to post this on a chicken forum:
"My six year old white silkie rooster named Elle, in perfect health, needs to be boarded out for two months or less. I want him back. He's gentle. He can't live with other roosters because they pick on him. We're going to Colorado. We live in the suburbs, and I always put him in the garage in a hutch cage at night, because of the neighbors. I don't want to leave him in the garage the whole time. Could he survive that way though, if nothing else comes up? (We have someone coming in to feed, but that doesn't deal with the cockadoodle doo part.) I thought I'd set it up with someone but he's not returning calls! We're leaving Sunday. I can't take him in the car with us! Any suggestions?"

Already got one response:

"Leave him inside. He'll be fine. Some birds live their whole lives that way."


Namowal said...

Wow. He looks like a living pompom. Lucky rooster. He has a lot of stuff to strut. :)

linda said...

Somehow, after viewing "A Rooster Named Elle!"
I'm not so sure he wouldn't bust down the door and roll down the street.

Sally said...

aww, he's my white boy!
Like a Utah stud, he can claim to be every hen's husband, plus granddad, brother, uncle etc. Hens are named Stormy, (born in the storm), Pirate (has one eye), Star (all black, his sister), and Honey.

Our riding trainer has a whole line of cross breed chickens based on Elle. Designer chickens. (mutts)

sally g said...

I love how he struts to the music in "A Rooster Named Elle"!

Sally said...

Sally G, one of the things really fun about adding music with a good beat to animation or live action, is how easily it will seem to sync up... your eye wants to make the connection!