Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are you my mama?

"No, sorry Llama."

This llama lives on Landfill Road in Montrose. Nothing like a classy address, huh?

We have to drive our trash to town.
There's a recycle center with no one there in one part of town, but the landfill is far from that.

The landfill is in a sandy hill with a weird and windy road that seems almost like a bad fairy tale road where the ogre is waiting for you at the top. When you reach the top, you stop your car, take out your trash, and THROW IT ON THE GROUND! For a seasoned recycler like me this was very weird and creepy. Jon said we'd never go there again. (There are other dumps to choose from.)


sally g said...

We live near a landfill - big hill - that was recently in the news for having slightly radioactive waste. There's been a lot of work about legislation to change that; I think it's resolved now.

Namowal said...

Since the llama lives there, they should rename it Llandfill road.

Sally said...

Namowal, GOOD ONE!

Sally G, that's kind of creepy-- hope they're taking care of it!

Anonymous said...

Llama, como se llama usted?

Sally said...

I should have never thrown tossed the Berlitz tapes.

linda said...

Are You My Mama? (No, Sorry Llama)
Great idea for kids' book.

p.s. I'm not "anonymous," even though I'm becoming a Spanish expert.

Sally said...

LLinda, are you teasing me? It's actually a reference to a children's book I remember reading long ago.

sal said...

I think Linda's serious and wasn't aware of the book.... She probably didn't babysit as much as I did. Linda?

linda said...

Sally, I would not tease you. I THOUGHT it sounded like a book title. Oh well. Memory fade.

I wasn't a very good babysitter, it's true.