Monday, October 22, 2007

More Fire!

update: here is a link to the most up to date information on California wildfires.

Just received this awful email from my best friend at college-on East Coast- (protecting names for privacy in this difficult time)

"Shocking - brother J's home is gone, brother B- (and wife, dog) and sister C- both evacuated their homes in Poway and Encinetas respectively. The family email and phone traffic all about collective relief that we didn't lose each other. Mom and Dad in love with their children, proud of their calm, organization, ability to move on. Everyone was ready with important stuff in portable lock boxes, plans ready. 12 year old C- text-mailed her cousin in Pacific Grove: "the damn fire burned my house".

Unbelievable so many people homeless in no time at all. Imagining the energy to rebuild and return as overwhelming as the energy to manage the loss.

Hard to be so helpless and far away. "



Namowal said...

That's just awful. I can't imagine losing my home and everything in it. With other setbacks, no matter how serious, at least the victim has a home to retreat to. Not in this case. So sad and unfair.
I've been lucky- when I was 13 big wild fire got within a half mile of my home. Lucky for us (and unlucky for others) the wind changed and blew it the other way.

linda said...

Terrible. Words fail.

sally g said...

wow. how sad.

Sally said...

To imagine suddenly having nothing but what's in your car... the stunningness and emptiness... boggles the mind.