Monday, November 05, 2007

Cruikshank's Lambshanks

Got up at first light to start dinner in the red crock pot. I found an appealing recipe here for crock pot lamb shanks. I've never cooked them before. So confident of success was I that I took a picture of the ingredients before I even started cooking.

I turned on the pot to low, and admired the multiple ingredients through the glass. Looked a few hours later and was surprised that there seemed to be no change in them at all...

It wasn't plugged in. (Hello, Linda?)

So today we're trying for the dinner again, and I've checked several times to make sure it's still plugged in.

Late yesterday we went for a shorter hike, exploring a steep mountainside. We found fresh bear p@@p on the edge of a cave hole we were peeking in. I admit it. I got scared. Then a little farther we found a large amount of beautiful fur with no bones at all. It was multi-colored and very soft. Then we found a long tail. I brought some of the fur back, but not the tail, which I hung in a tree. But today I think I'm going back to get that tail, because I can't figure what it could be. A mountain lion kitten is the closest I can come.


linda said...

Sally, this is very funny!

I don't know why, but I love seeing photos of ingredients out on the counter. And yes, it's obvious if you look closely at the photo that you forgot to plug anything into the socket. ;-D

About the eggplant: I think my oven just got tired. It had been preheating for 3 or 4 hours, waiting on me to finish trying the paste out on crackers.

Namowal said...

Don't feel bad about not plugging in the crockpot, Sally. I'm a chronic offender at wondering why the toaster won't plunge, only to discover it wasn't plugged in.
I also recently couldn't figure out why my phone battery wasn't recharging. I was recharging each night. Guess what wasn't plugged in.

Sally said...

ps Lamb shanks were tasty. Totally sold on crock pots. so sad about the eggplant, Linda.

Obviously we need chargers that run off of our big toes.

sal said...

Wish I had a nickel for every time I roasted something in the oven and at some point accidentally turned off the oven before the thing was finished cooking, then wondered why it was taking so long to cook!

Once I even called the cell phone company to complain the phone just wouldn't hold a charge, registering an insurance claim to get a replacement phone, only to discover the next day I'd not been plugging in the charger. They'd already mailed the new phone, which I sent back immediately when it arrived.