Sunday, November 04, 2007


Whinsey has her own blogger barn.

I still have some work to do on it, but I'm pleased I got it this far. Making the transition from the test blog to the real blog was NO FUN! Too many widgets! May have to pair a few down.


sal said...

That is one fine-looking barn!

linda said...

Sally, incredible. It makes me want to try doing a big face with a big open blabbermouth for holding what I write; then the comments could go in a big ear (or earpiece) on the side. Parts of the brain could hold different widgets.

Sally said...

Linda, Look over that tutorial I linked to. Some of it may seem too worrying to get into, but look at his sketch of the generic 3 column blog.
What you're working with is a horizontal top piece, (imagine a brick) and a matching size bottom piece (the footer brick) and vertical inserts between those two, usually three but you can add more. You could probably build a face from this. Just experiment in a separate blog.

ps how bad was the eggplant?

sal said...

Linda, you are pure genius: building a face. Sally, I must try a three-column CSS site soon. The book of tutorials I worked through intimidated me about that (regarding workarounds for Explorer 6 or something).