Friday, November 02, 2007

Everything's Ducky!

We've been seeing almost no wildlife on our long walks, but today near the bottom of the hill, Molly found this yellow plush duck missing an arm. (I'd seen a retriever carrying it on the road last week.)

Indian Summer here. I'm playing with blogger code, which makes me a little nervous. Had something worked out perfectly, then made an unknown change that threw it all out of shape again.


Namowal said...

Molly seems proud of her catch!
By coincidence, my parents' neighbors have a dog named Molly. Each day at four p.m. my dad swings by to give her a goody. After she eats the treat she runs indoors and returns with her stuffed duck, (a mallard) which she shows to each person before taking it back inside.
Not sure if she understands the concept of "showing" something to someone else- she may have learned duck + visitor = reaction, but either way it's cute.

Katy said...

How is the new watercolor set doing? Has it had a trial run, free of code problems?

Sally said...

Namowal, that's so funny!

Katy, watercolors are meant for Sunday painters. (excuse of the day)

linda said...

Molly knows what you like, Sally, and she wants to please you. (Just like Mabel used to bring me rats and mice.)

When you're playing around with blogger code, do you have a separate "practice blog" that you fool around with, or do you operate on this blog or Whinsey's blog? What did you have worked out perfectly before everything went haywire???

Bribery p.s.: I wish Katy would have a blog. If she did, I would post the "dogs aren't the same kind of people we are" illustration, and I bet you might be tempted to do a watercolor (?)

Katy said...

Sally---awaiting your watercolor of Sunday.
Linda---eagerly looking forward to your dog/people sketch.
Moi? I'm going outside to water. Drought continues.

iago's friend said...

sally and katy
are you talking about some sort of (god forbid) digital watercolor set?
admittedly i'm coming in at the middle of this conversation, but please
tell me you're kidding about that "sunday painters" comment...

Sally said...

wow, iago's friend wanders in.


We're talking about real paints, a van gogh brand tube set. I made a potholder sized painting this afternoon after our hike and it was quite ugly and smelled funny, but that may be the water jar.

I really dug the feeling of brush on wet paper. I remembered, once I got started, the way I used these paints long ago, for cartoon backgrounds, was with exact pencil drawings transferred with carbon paper to the wc paper, which was stretched on a board, and then it was just a matter of coloring sections. I found the big wet paper VERY intimidating to work on today, and no way will I post it.

ps the Sunday thing was just an excuse. Happy Sunday all. Just saw a coyote out my window after a two hour hike where we saw only one grouse.